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Whitsundays Bareboat Charters

The Whitsundays yacht charter market is predominantly bareboat charters - or skipper yourself charters which are for a minimum of a 5 night charter. This is really the minimum time that a comfortable and relaxing holiday requires in the Whitsundays.Sailing experience is required to charter a vessel, but if you think you might be a little light on sailing experience - give us a call to chat - we can help you choose a vessel that meets your experience, or make suggestions on how you can get some experience - such as undertaking a 'Bareboat Familiarisation' course - which are available at most sailing clubs, or recommend that you have some extra training on your first day.

Most vessels available for 5+ nights?

To see the Whitsundays, you really need 5 days, any shorter and you are quite rushed and won't get to see much due to briefing times and distances. You can search through all the vessels that are available for a 5+ night whitsundays charter here.  

Why is there a minimum charter of 5 nights? 

The reason that there is a minimum charter of 5 days is economic.  It's the cost to the vessels owner of providing the sailing experience which includes:

- vessel preparation,

- stocking,

- refueling,

- cleaning,

- your 3 hour briefing,

- mooring and docking fees, 

- on charter support and

- cleaning on return

All the above makes it unviable for shorter charters - and in addition, vessels also have down days between charters.  Also During peak times, August - October, vessels are chartered nearly every day - so minimum charters of 5 days make sense.